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Departmental Profile

Established in July 1995, the department offers M.A. , M.phil. and PhD programme of studies. It puts special emphasis on promoting inter-dicsiplinary studies and researches vis-a-vis developing an understanding of the people of the Barak Valley and their social, intellectual and cultural matrix. The department has chosen culture and development as the thrust

Courses Offered

Courses Offered Duration Number of Seats Program Course Structure Time Table
M.A(by course work) Four Semesters 40 M.A(Syllabus) Time Table
M. Phil. (by course work & dissertation)
Ph. D. (by course work & research work) IPP (Syllabus)
D. Litt. (by Research work)


Name Designation Area of Specialization Email & Contact
G. Ram M.Phil, Ph.D. Professor Sociology of Development, Sociological Theories, Polity and Society, Gender and Society gordhan.ram@aus.ac.in




Bijaya Kumar Behera, M.Phil.,Ph.D. Professor Sociology of Health, Gender Studies, Tribal Studies bijaya.kumar.behera@aus.ac.in
Nirakar Mallick, M.Phil, Ph.D. Associate Professor Economic Anthropology, Globalization and Market Studies, Marxist Sociology, Political Sociology nirakar.malik@aus.ac.in




Humayun Bokth, M.Phil. Associate Professor Sociology of Movements, Sociology of Minorities and Ethnic groups, Polity and Society humayun.bokth@aus.ac.in



Jhimli Bhattacharjee, M.Phil., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Development, Sociology of North-East India jhimli.bhattacharjee@aus.ac.in




Ruma Debnath, M.Phil.,Ph.D. Assistant Professor Gender and Society, Village Study, Tea Garden Study ruma.deb.nath@aus.ac.in
Rajia Shahani, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Community Studies rajiya.shahani@aus.ac.in

Head of Department

Prof. B. K. Behera
(03842) 270838 (O)


The placement record of the students has been quite impressive. The students got absorbed in government and private colleges, Tribhuwan University (Katmandu), Sikim Manipal University, NGOs, Market Research Organization, Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship, Institute of Environment, Conservation and Soil Reclamation and many other organizations of well rapture.

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