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Departmental Profile


The Department of Social Work started its journey in July 1997. The department runs Five Year Integrated Course in Social Work which leads to BSW (three years) and MSW (two years) Degrees. The course curriculum is designed as per the CBCS pattern prescribed by the UGC and offers the papers of special interest in the area of Family and Child Welfare, Rural Development, Tribal Development, Psychosocial Counselling, NGO Management, Micro Finance and Livelihood, Dynamics of Human behaviour etc. The Department also runs Ph. D. Programme, where the thrust of the current research endeavours in the areas like Healthcare, Reproductive and Child Health Programme (RCH), Sex Education, HIV/ AIDS, ICDS Services, Panchayati Raj, Non Governmental Organizations, Women in Unorganized Sector, Self Help Groups, Corporate Voluntarism, Water and Sanitation, Disaster Management, Psychosocial problems of Elderly, Cancer, Tuberculosis, etc. The department has initiated outreach activities in the nearby rural communities.

Courses Offered

Courses Offered Duration Number of Seats
M.S.W. (by course work) Ten Semesters 50
Ph.D. (by course & research work)
D. Litt (by research work)


Name Designation Area of Specialization Contact & Email ID
Gopalji Mishra,? MA (SW), Ph.D. Professor Community Development (Health) gopal.ji.mishra@aus.ac.in



Dutta? MSW, M.Phil, PGCRM, Ph.D.
Professor Governance, Panchayati Raj & Rural Development. subhabrata.dutta@aus.ac.in



M. Gangabhushan, MSW, PGDLL, Ph.D. Professor Industrial Relation and Personal Management molankal.gangabhushan@aus.ac.in



M. Tineshwori Devi, MA (SW), M.Phil, Ph.D. Professor Adolescent and Health moirangthem.tineshowri.devi@aus.ac.in



Tarun Bikas Sukai, MSW, PGDHRM, Ph.D. Associate Professor NGO’s HIV/AIDs tarun.bikash.sukai@aus.ac.in



Mrityunjay Singh, MA (SW),Ph.D Assistant Professor Social Development mrityunjay.kumar.singh@aus.ac.in



Ritwika Rajendra,? MSW, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Family and Child Welfare ritwika.rajendra@aus.ac.in
Ratna Huirem,? MSW, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Community Development ratna.huirem@aus.ac.in



Kathiresan L.,? MA (SW), M.Phil, Ph.D Assistant Professor Health care kathiresan.l@aus.ac.in



G. Albin Joseph, MA (SW), M.Phil, Ph.D. Assistant Professor NGO Management, Youth Development, Disability Studies



Lalzo S. Thangom,? MA (SW), Ph.D. Assistant Professor URCD, HIV/AIDS lalzosthangjom@gmail.com


Aditi Nath, MA (SW) Ph.D. Assistant Professor Partnership Development & NGO Management ?aditinath1@gmail.com
Ajit Kr. Jena, MA., M.Phil. Assistant Professor Social Policy, Social legislation ?ajitjena23@gmail.com
Kaivalya T. Desai, MA (SW) Ph.D. Assistant Professor Social Work Education ?kaivalya.desai@gmail.com
Joyashri Dey, MSW,?Ph.D. Assistant Professor(Leave Vacancy) Governance & Community Development ?joyasreedey1@gmail.com

Head of Department

Prof.?M. Gangabhushan
? (03842) 270821 (O)


More than ninety per cent of the students who have passed out from this Department have been employed by Governmental and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) at the state and national levels

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