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Right to Information Act

RTI Applications can be Submitted Online from 23rd December 2016 Onwards

From 23rd December 2016 onwards Assam University, Silchar, has been aligned to the Web Portal RTI Online with URL https://rtionline.gov.in which has been launched by DoP&T, GOI.

Hereafter, those who want to file RTI applications to the Nodal Officer/CPIO/RTI Cell can submit such applications also online through the above Web Portal. This is a facility for the Indian Citizens to file RTI applications and first appeals online and also to make payment of RTI fees online.

As prescribed in the RTI Rules, 2012, RTI application fee is Rupees 10/-. The applicant can pay the prescribed fee through the following modes: a) Internet banking through State Bank of India and its associate banks; b) Credit/Debit card (Visa or Master).

No RTI fee is required to be paid by any citizen who is below the poverty line. However, such applicant must attach a copy of the certificate issued by the appropriate government in this regard, along with the application.


Appellate Authority Nodal Officer CPIO ACPIO
Dr. Sanjib Bhattacharjee
Dr. Pius VT
Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy
Assam University, Silchar
Dr. Anindya Syam Choudhury
Associate Professor
Department of English
Assam University, Silchar
Dr. Umesh Kumar
Assistant Professor
Department of Law
Assam University, Silchar
?09435073822 ?09954951787 7002822749 ?09954927522
?registrar@aus.ac.in pius.vazhappilly.thomas@aus.ac.in
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