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Scientia Scripturam 2019 Chief Editor:

Co Editor:

Silchar : Problems of urban development of a growing city P.R.Bhattacherjee, P.Nayak and K.Sengupta Rs. 70.00
Recent researches in science and technology (Vol. I) Editors : G.D.Sharma and B.K.Dutta Rs.300.00
Science in society: proceedings of regional symposium Editors : D.K.Bhattacherjee and R.Bhattacharjee Rs.150.00
Netaji : a centenary tribute Rs.50.00
Status of land slides in north east India and natural disaster management Editor : G.D.Sharma Rs.250.00
Proceedings of the national conference on recent developments in mathematics and applications Editor : Tanmoy Som Individual Rs.225.00 Institutional Rs.350.00
Journal of Assam University Dept. of Mass Communication Rs.50.00
Our environment Abhik Gupta,Mitra Dey and P.R.Bhattacharjee Rs.60.00
Changes in Karbi anglong politics during 1985-2000 Research Coordinator : Dr.Tanmoy Bhattacharjee
Proceedings : Sanskrit year celebration Abstract vol. National Seminar 2000 Dept. of Sanskrit
Environment India 2000 : National seminar on environmental issues and priorities : Challenges of the millanium Editor : B.K.Dutta and A.Gupta
Proceedings : The national seminar on the relevance of Sanskrit studies in twenty first century Dept. of Sanskrit
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