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Departmental Profile


The Department of Physics started its functioning in 1996. The Department offers a four – Semester M. Sc. programme (Two years duration) where the students at present can opt for one of the two specializations – i) Astrophysics and ii) Condensed Matter Physics, with laboratory classes. Research areas that are covered at present include – Astrophysics, Particle Physics, Cosmology, Chemical Physics (with application to biomolecules), Atmospheric Physics.The Department possesses a number of sophisticated instruments that includes 16 inch Mead Telescope, 14 inch Celestron Telescope, Astronomical CCD, Photometer, Ellipsometer, FTIR, UV visible spectrophotometer.The Department also has a cluster computing facility.

Courses Offered

Courses Offered Duration Number of Seats Time Table Syllabus
M.Sc. (by course work) Four Semester 50 Time Table Syllabus2015
M.Phil(by course work & dissertation)
Ph.D.(by course work & research work)

Astrophysics Course – GIAN



Name & Qualification Designation Area of Specialization Contact & Email ID
Asoke K. Sen,? Ph.D.? Professor Astrophysics,Optics asokesen@yahoo.com


Atri Deshamukhya,? Ph.D. Professor High Energy Physics, Phenomenology, String Cosmology atri.deshamukhya@gmail.com


B. Indrajit Sharma ,? Ph.D. Professor Condensed Matter Physics indraofficial@rediffmail.com


Himadri Sekhar Das,? Ph.D. Assistant Professor Astrophysics hsdas13@gmail.com
Utpal Sarkar, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Chemical Physics, Electronic Structure Calculation utpalchemiitkgp@gmail.com
Pradeep Kumar Shukla,?Ph.D. Assistant Professor Chemical Physics, Computational studies of complex molecular systems including biomolecules pradeep.kumar.shukla@aus.ac.in
A. Senorita Devi,? Ph.D. Assistant Professor High Energy, Astrophysics senorita.anoubam@gmail.com
Swarnadeep Biswas,? M.Sc. Assistant Professor Electronics & Radio Physics swarnadeepbiswas@yahoo.co.in
Bidhan Mahanta,? Ph.D. Assistant Professor Nuclear Physics, Nano Physics, Biophysics mbidhan@gmail.com
Mahananda Baro, Ph.D. Assistant Professor ?Electronics mahananda925458@gmail.com



Head of the Department

Prof. Atri Deshamukhya



Alumni of the department of Physics of Assam University are now serving as faculty members researchers in universities, colleges and research institutions in different parts of the country and outside and also in several industrial organizations. Many of the former students of the Department have also qualified in competitive examinations like JRF, GATE and GRE, and are pursuing advanced courses.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Photo Gallery

Departmental Activity

Departmental Activity at a Glance

?Departmental Notice

1) Notice for 2nd Phase Entrance Test (dated 25/07/2019)

2) Personal Interview (PG Admission Test-2019) (dated 17/07/2019)

Upcoming events

1) Workshop on Statistical Applications in Astronomy and Astrophysics (November 20-22, 2019)

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