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Departmental Profile


The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences under Sushruta School of Medical and Paramedical Sciences started its journey from August 2010 with the introduction of four year (eight semesters) Bachelor Degree course in Pharmacy (B. Pharm). The primary objective of the Department is to develop programs relevant to current global standards and challenges of pharmaceutical education and research in order to provide trained technical manpower in the field of Pharmacy primarily for the Southern Part of North East India. The Department started functioning with full-fledged B. Pharm course from the academic session 2011-12. In due course of time the Department will also introduce Post Graduate and Ph.D courses.

The mission of the Department is to produce high quality Pharmacy professionals to meet the demand of accelerating pharmaceutical industry in Assam in particular and India in general in the field of drug manufacturing, development, regulation, quality control, analysis, distribution, marketing etc. The Department envisages in becoming the nodal center for the development of Pharmaceutical sciences in the Southern part of North Eastern Region of India by initiating the research and development activities to tap the enormous potential of this region which are yet in unexplored state.

Courses Offered Duration Intake Capacity Program Course Structure
B.Pharma(by course work) 4 years 40 Syllabus 2015-16

Class Routine

Quick Links

For UGC: http://www.ugc.ac.in
For PCI: http://www.pci.nic.in
For AICTE: http://www.aicte-india.org
For MHRD: http://www.mhrd.gov.in
For NAAC: http://naac.gov.in


Name Designation Area of Specialisation Contact & Email ID
Dr.Sanjib Das, M. Pharm., Ph.D., FIC Professor Pharmacology (Neuro and Cardiovascular Pharmacology) sanjib.das@aus.ac.in
Dr. Supratim Ray, M Pharm, Ph.D. Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Drug-lipid interaction, QSAR & Molecular Modelling) supratimray75@gmail.com
Dr. Abhishek Bhattacharjee, M.Pharm Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics(Anticancer & Novel Drug Delivery System) abhishek.bhattacharjee@aus.ac.in
Dr. Nirupam Das, M. Pharm,Pd.D. Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Synthesis, Pharmacological Evaluation & Molecular Modeling) nirupam.das@aus.ac.in
Dr. Lalduhsanga Pachuau, M.Pharm., Ph.D Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics aduhapc@gmail.com


Dr. Partha Palit, M.Pharm.(Gold Medalist, Jadavpur University), Ph.D Assistant Professor Pharmacognosy itspartha_p@yahoo.com

Head of Department

Prof. Sanjib Das


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