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Department of Performing Arts


The Department was established in the year of 2017 (in a transit accommodation) in order to promote different branches of Performing Arts, including Dance, Drama/Theatre and Vocal and Instrumental Music (Tabla), as an academic discipline within the University systemThe objective is to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge and training in the said art forms to enable the students to excel in the respective art forms and build professional carriers after the completion of the course. At present, the course pattern is a combination of both theory and practice where the students are also imparted lessons in languages, humanities, and environmental science along with the courses in the basic and fundamental knowledge of history, theory and practice of different artforms both Indian and western.

Courses offered Duration Number of Seats Program course structure
BPA (Bachelor in Performing Arts) in

Hindustani Classical Music(Vocal),

Instrumental Music (Tabla),

Manipuri Dance and

Drama/Theatre Arts

6 semester 23 BPA Drama Syllabus

Hindustani Classical Music Syllabus

Instrumental Music Syllabus

Manipuri Dance Syllabus

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Name & Qualification Designation Area of Specialization Contact & Email ID
Mr.Jagannath Barman, M.Phil., Ph.D. (Pursuing), RGNF Assistant Professor Hindustani Classical Music, Vocal 7908292206


Mr.Murali Basa,

Ph.D. (Pursuing),


Assistant Professor Drama, Design & Direction, Urban Theatre, Interactive Performances, Folk and Tribal Theatre  


Mr.Pintu Saha,

M.A, M.Phil. UGC NET, JRF, Ph.D. (Pursuing)

Assistant Professor Performance Study ICM(Tabla)

Indian Music History

Music Digitization

Academic Content Development

+91 8777376903


Dr. Sujit? Kumar Ghosh


Assistant Professor Manipuri, Tagorean style of Dance, Bharata Natyam +918436582442


Head of the Department

Mr.Jagannath Barman (i/c)

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