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Departmental Profile


Department of Mathematics started functioning in the year 1994. The Department offers M.Sc. , M.Phil. and PhD programmes in Mathematics. Academic activities of the Department apart from teaching and research include activities like organising seminars, conferences, workshops, Refresher Course, Winter Schools programmes etc. for serving teachers and students. The Departmental Library is sponsored by the National Board for Higher Mathematics (DAE), Mumbai. The Department is also sponsored by UGC (SAP) and DST (FIST). The academic programmes are managed by a competent core faculty and backed by updated syllabi and computer laboratory.

Courses Offered

Courses Offered Duration Number of Seats Program Course Structure
1. M.Sc.(by course work)

2. M.Sc.(by course work)

(New syllabus from the



Four Semester

Four Semester





M.Sc(Syllabus) (Old)

M.Sc.(New Syllabus from 2019-20)


M.Phil?? (by course work & dissertation)
Ph.D. (by course work & research work) IPP Coursework(Syllabus)


Name Qualification Designation Area of Specialization Contact & Email ID
KARABI DUTTA CHOUDHURY, Ph.D. Professor?& HoD Inventory Management (Operations Research), Computer Applications karabidc@gmail.com


SAMIRA BEHERA, M.Sc., P.BSc.DCA, M.Phil., Ph.D. Professor Numerical Analysis, Linear Algebra, samirabehera@yahoo.in


SANJIB SENGUPTA, M.Phil., Ph.D. Associate Professor MHD, Visco-elastic Fluids, Micro Fluidics , Nano Fluidics,Transport Phenomena, Computational Methods sanjib_aus2009@rediffmail.com


NABENDU SEN,? Ph.D. Assistant Professor Operations Research, Mathematical Modelling, Multi-objective, Fuzzy Optimization, Inventory in Fuzzy Environment, GA nsen08@yahoo.com


UDAY SHANKAR CHAKRABORTY,? Ph.D. Assistant Professor Non-commutative Rings, Topology udayhkd@gmail.com


N. JIBAN SINGH,? M.Phil., Ph. D Assistant Professor Low dimensional Topology, Combinatorics, Topological dynamics njiban@gmail.com


NABA KANTA SARMA,? M.Sc. Assistant Professor Algebraic Number Theory, Elliptic Curve Kanta.naba@gmail.com



SUMIT SAHA,? Ph.D. Assistant Professor Pattern Recognition, Operations Research sumitsaha_math@yahoo.co.in


Head of Department

Prof. Karabi Dutta Choudhury
?(03842) – 270835 (O)


Alumni of the department of Mathematics of Assam University are now serving as faculty members / researchers in universities, colleges and research institutions in different parts of the country and also in several industrial organizations. Quite a few of the former students of the department have also qualified in competitive examinations like GATE, NET, JRF, GRE etc. and are pursuing research in India and abroad.

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