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Departmental Profile

The Department of Manipuri established in July 1997, offers M.A. , M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes of study. The major focus of the teaching and research endeavorsin the department is on areas like language, culture, Manipur’s folklore, Manipuri literature and translation theories. Apart from teaching and research the department has also been organizing national level seminars and UGC sponsored refresher courses. Study tours to centers of folklore and Manipuri culture are also occasionally arranged.

Courses Offered

Courses Offered Duration Number of Seats Program Course Structure Timetable Year
M.Sc(by course work) Four Semesters 31 M.A(Syllabus) 2013-2014 batch
M.Phil (by course work and dissertation)
Ph.D. (by course work and research work) IPP Coursework(Syllabus)
D.Litt (by research work)


Name Designation Contact Area of Specialization
N. Sarat Chandra Singh, M.Phil. , Ph.D. Professor 09954458473 n.saratchandra.singh@aus.ac.in Principles and parameters theory(PPT) and the minimalist programme of transformational generative(TG) grammar, Comparative Literature, Stylistics and Translation.
W. Raghumani Singh, Ph.D. Professor 09435231627 w.raghumani.singh@aus.ac.in Comparative Linguistics, Dialectology, Historical Linguistics, Manipuri Novel and Short Story
H. Nani Kumar Singha, Ph.D. ?Professor 09435600946 h.nani.kumar.singha@aus.ac.in Manipuri Folklore, Manipuri Culture, Eastern Criticism, Modern Manipuri Poetry.
M. Rajendra Singh, Ph.D. Professor 09854619342 moirangthemrajendra.singh@aus. Modern Manipuri prose and drama, Old Manipuri literature and culture.
H. Rajmani Singha, Ph.D. Astt. Professor 09435374181 h.rajmani.singha@aus.ac.in Indian Literary Criticism, Old Manipuri literature and culture.
R.K. Nirmola Sana, Ph.D. Astt. Professor 09435201614 Tibeto-Burman Linguistics, Modern Manipuri Literature

Head of Department

Prof.?Rajendra Singh
(03842) 270840 (O)


Many of the students passed out from the department of Manipuri are now serving as faculty members, researchers in various educational institutions both within and outside north-east India.

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