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Departmental Profile


The Department of Law under the School of Social Sciences started functioning in July 2004. The department offers a five-year integrated course leading to the degree of B.A. LL.B. (Hons.). In the year 2011, an LL.M. Programme has been started in the department.

Courses Offered

Courses Offered Duration Number of Seats Program Course Structure
B.A., LLB. (Hons) (by course work) 5 Years (Ten Semesters) 60
LL.M. (by course work) 2 Years (Four Semesters) 20





Name & Qualification Designation Area of Specialization Contact & Email ID
Dr. Madhumita Dhar Sarkar Professor Jurisprudence, Environmental Law, Criminal Law madhumita.dhar.sarkar@aus.ac.in
Dr. Rashmi Ranjan Mishra Associate Professor Criminal Law, Criminology & Penology, Juvenile Justice,?Interpretation of Statutes, Research Methodology rashmi.ranjan.mishra@aus.ac.in
Dr. Partha Pratim Paul Assistant Professor Indian Jurisprudence, Intellectual Property Rights, Comparative Constitutional Law, Law and Social Transformation and International Trade Laws partha.pratim.paul@aus.ac.in
Dr. Priya Ranjan Kumar Assistant Professor Constitution & Administrative Law, Contract & Corporate Law priya.ranjan.kumar@aus.ac.in
Dr. Amitabh Singh Assistant Professor Criminal Law, Criminology, Code of Civil Procedure and Women related law amitabh.singh@aus.ac.in
Dr. Umesh Kr. Sharma Assistant Professor Criminal Law umesh.kumar@aus.ac.in
Ms. Pompita Paul Assistant Professor Criminal Law, Constitutional Law and Family Law pompita.paul@aus.ac.in
Dr. Suranjan Das Assistant Professor Research Methodology, Sociology of Health, Sociology of Marginalized Community, Sociology of Crime and Deviance suranjan.das@aus.ac.in
Mr. Bishwajit Das Assistant Professor Intellectual Property Laws, Right to Information laws, Administrative law and Constitutional law bishwajit.das@aus.ac.in
Ms. Ponkhi Borah Assistant Professor Criminal Law, Constitutional Law and Human Rights ponkhi.borah@aus.ac.in
Dr. Nasruddin Khan Assistant Professor Modern Indian History and Legal History nasruddin.khan@aus.ac.in
Ms. Thejani-i Pohena Assistant Professor African- American Literature, Post-Colonial Studies thejani-i.pohena@aus.ac.in
Ms. Dristirupa Patgiri Assistant Professor Human Rights, International Law, Gender Justice & Feminist Approach dristirupa.patgiri@aus.ac.in
Mr. Ashish Ransom Assistant Professor Business Laws and Intellectual Property Rights ashish.ransom@aus.ac.in
Ms. Deepshikha Bhattacharjee Assistant Professor Indian Government and Politics, State Politics in Assam, Comparative Politics deepshikha.bhattacharjee@aus.ac.in
Mr. Sandeep Kumar Suman Assistant Professor IPR,GI, Procedural Laws, ADR sandeep.kumar.suman@aus.ac.in

Head of Department

Dr. R R Mishra
? 03842-270377(O)


The first batch of students admitted to the integrated B.A.LL.B. are now in Tenth Semester. Placement Prospects of the Law Students are relatively bright.

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