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About Assam University

Assam University came into existence in 1994 after enactment of the Assam (Central) University Act 1989. Through its pursuit, Assam University is in the process...

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Prof. Dilip Chandra Nath,
Vice Chancellor

Assam University offers a unique environment where the students become empowered through learning and numerous other curricular and co-curricular opportunities

Friday, 22 Sep, 2017
太湖县| 鄂温| 灵石县| 门头沟区| 来宾市| 大石桥市| 隆昌县| 全州县| 甘洛县| 林周县| 昌平区| 闻喜县| 抚松县| 马鞍山市| 临沭县| 平乐县| 石楼县| 临漳县| 麦盖提县| 柘荣县| 芜湖县| 元江| 沅陵县| 珲春市| 庆城县| 永新县| 墨玉县| 通山县| 达日县| 兰西县| 安顺市| 高尔夫| 余江县| 深圳市| 攀枝花市| 安泽县| 宁阳县| 东阿县| 民和| 乌海市| 平利县|