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Departmental Profile


The Department of Visual Arts was established in 1996. Assam University is the first among the North Eastern Universities to offer four year BVA (2 semester foundation + 6 semester specialization) in Applied Arts, Painting & Sculpture. The department has developed its audio-visual facilities for class room teaching. The Department along with the task of documentation of folk art, is also trying to train the student in the field of New Media art, Installation, Digital Art, Video Art etc. to compete with the contemporary art scenario. The Department also have UGC sanctioned “Special Assistance Programme” (DRS).

Courses Offered

Courses Offered Duration Number of Seats Programn Course Structure Timetable
BVA(by course work) Eight Semesters 40 BVA Syllabus
MVA(by course work) Four Semesters 40 MVA Syllabus
Ph.D. (by course & research work)


Name & Qualification Designation Area of Specialization Contact & Email ID
B. Ruma Sharma,? Ph.D. Professor Sculpture, Metal Casting bruma.sharma@aus.ac.in



Sivan G.? MFA,Ph.D. Professor Painting, Graphics sivan.g@aus.ac.in



Narendra T.? MFA Associate Professor Painting, Mural narendra.t@aus.ac.in



Nirmal Kanti Roy,? MFA,Ph.D. Associate Professor Applied Art, Computer Graphics, Photography nirmal.kanti.roy@aus.ac.in



Abhibrata Chakraborty,? MFA,Ph.D. Associate Professor Painting abhibrata.chakrabarty@aus.ac.in



**Somaditya Dutta,? MFA Assistant Professor Sculpture somaditya.datta@aus.ac.in


Saday Chandra Das, MFA,Ph.D Assistant Professor Painting saday.chandra.das@aus.ac.in



Debashish Chakraborty, MFA,Ph.D Assistant Professor Applied Art debasish.chakraborty@aus.ac.in


Raj Kumar Mazinder, MFA,Ph.D Assistant Professor Graphic Arts rajkumar.mazinder@aus.ac.in
Nilam Kumari,? MFA,Ph.D Assistant Professor Sculpture nilam.kumari@aus.ac.in
Kumar Vaidhya, MFA,Ph.D
Assistant Professor Painting rajan.kumar.vaidhya@aus.ac.in
Ganesh Nandi,? MFA,Ph.D Assistant Professor Sculpture ganesh.nandi@aus.ac.in
Gautam Dutta,? MFA Assistant Professor Applied Art gautamforedu@gmail.com / 9435342636

** On Study Leave

Head of Department

Dr. B. Ruma Sharma

? 03842-270845 (O)


Students passed out from the Department of Fine Arts, Assam University have been absorbed by :

  • 1. Reputed Institutions/ Universities/ Colleges/ Govt. Institutions
  • 2. Industrial and Advertising organizations in different parts of the country.
  • 3. Film Industry/ Electronic and IT industry
  • 4. As Professional Artists in different parts of Country
  • 5. Are self employed as printers and publishers
  • 6. As Animation Artists.
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