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Central Instrumentation Laboratory (CIL)

The CIL was established in the year 2007 with funding from UGC. The CIL houses sophisticated state of art analytical instruments like Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectometry(GC-MS), Atomic Absorption Spectometry(AAS), High Performance Liquid Chromatography(HPLC),Fourier Transform Infra Red Spectrometer(FT-IR),, Impedance Analyser(LCR Meter) and a new 400MHz FT-NMR with multiprobe facilityhas been installed recently. The main objective of CIL is to provide analytical instrumentation support to all science departments of Assam University, other Institutes, research laboratories, national laboratories and industries in the country. In addition, CIL also provides teaching support to Post Graduate and IPP level of science departments of the University.


Name Designation Area of Specialization Email & Contact
Siddartha Sankar Nath, PG Dip(Ins), Ph.D Reader Nanotechnology,Instrumentation and Electronics Not Available
Shuvasish Choudhury, M.Phil., Ph.D., Post Doc (USA) Assistant Professor Biochemistry,Bio-Instrumentation & Phytochemistry shuvasish.choudhury@aus.ac.in

CIL Core Committee

Name Designation Area of Specialization
Prof. M.Dutta Choudhury Chairman Life Science
Prof. A.K.Sen Member Physics
?Prof.Sanjeev Das Member Pharmaceutical Science
CMA Dr. B.B. Mishra Member Finance Officer
Dr. S. S. Nath Member HOD-CIL
Dr.Sanjib Bhattacherjee Member Registrar
Dr. S. Choudhury Member Bio-Chemistry


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