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5th International Day of Yoga

???? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? CELEBRATION OF INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 21st June 2019, Friday

No. AU/SPE/157/15??????????????????????????????????????????? ?? ??????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Date 21 – 06 – 2019

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? R E P O R T




The 5th International Day of Yoga has been celebrated at Assam University, Silchar on Friday, 21st June 2019. The program, organized by the Assam University Sports Board begun at 7 am with brief remarks from Prof. Dilip Ch. Nath, Vice Chancellor at the Netaji Subhas Mancha with about 90 (ninety) participants from different sections of the University fraternity. Prof. C. R. Bhattacharjee, Former Director, University Sports Board; Prof M. K. Sinha, Librarian; Dr Rumi Dhar, Legal Officer, Sri G. N. Purkayastha, Security & Vigilance Officer; Dr L. Dibamani Singh, Secretary, University Sports Board; and Sri Niranjan Das, members of the University Sports Board took special care for the logistic aspects. The Yoga session was conducted by Sri Shantanu Bhattacharjee, Yoga Instructor as per laid down protocol with lucid explanation of the theoretical basis and benefit of the ‘asanas’ and ‘pranayamas’. Security personnel and some from the neighbouring area also took part. All participants were provided with a T-shirt with University emblem and International Yoga Day event logo printed on it. The program came to a close following light refreshment. Few selected photographs and videos taken during the occasion are attached.


Dr L. Dibamani Singh

Dy. Director (S & PE) and

Secretary, Assam University Sports Board





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